Client Corner – eMerge Americas

We are proud to feature our client, eMerge Americas in this edition of the Waters|Ortiz Accounting Advisor. eMerge is more than just an event—it’s an ecosystem that is transforming Miami into a global tech hub. eMerge has been at the forefront of building the South Florida entrepreneurial and tech ecosystem since 2014. In addition to […]

Are your Accounting and Development departments like oil and water?

When Accounting and Development teams don’t work well together, the situation can lead to more than employee hostility and conflict. It can affect the not-for-profit’s financial statements and lead to the forfeiture of grant funds. To ensure the staffers in your Accounting and Development departments communicate fluidly, you may need to revise certain procedures and […]

6 Common accounting pitfalls for startups to avoid

Accounting is a critical element when launching a successful business venture. Unfortunately, it’s also an area where startups tend to make mistakes. Here are some common (and avoidable) errors that entrepreneurs should watch out for. Failing to track expenses Starting a new business is exciting — and it’s natural to focus on generating revenue and […]

How to use visual aids to enhance financial reporting and bring the numbers to life

Graphs, charts, tables, and other data visualizations can be inserted in your financial statement disclosures to improve transparency and draw attention to key accomplishments. As your organization prepares its year-end or quarterly financials, consider presenting some information in a more user-friendly, visual format. Reimagine data presentation  In business, the use of so-called “infographics” started with […]

5 benefits of outsourcing your accounting needs

Should your organization outsource its accounting needs? An outsourced accountant will help you with everyday accounting-related tasks, such as bookkeeping, budgeting, payroll, and financial reporting. Outsourcing also demonstrates to lenders and investors a commitment to the accuracy and integrity of your financial records. Here are five potential advantages to consider when evaluating this decision. 1. […]

Employee Spotlight with Ivette Cervera

When did you join Waters|Ortiz? September 2021 Why did you choose Waters|Ortiz? I worked with Amanda when I was in Miami and recognized what a hardworking, understanding, professional, and overall great lady she is. When she reached out to me, I considered myself honored and could not pass up the opportunity. What do you love […]

Put an advisory board to work on your nonprofit’s challenges

A community health center desperately needed to upgrade its computer network. Unfortunately, the not-for-profit had little IT expertise on staff or on its board of directors. That’s when it decided to form an advisory committee made up of people who could analyze the situation and help guide IT decision-making. This included a retired technology company […]

Give your nonprofit organization’s members a reason to renew

When inflation is high, it’s common for people to cut expenses by deciding not to renew subscriptions and memberships. For charities and associations that depend on membership fees, this trend can be distressing — if not catastrophic. If your not-for-profit’s membership rolls are declining due to nonrenewals, you need to address the problem immediately. Here are […]

FAQs about QuickBooks

Almost 40 years after its launch, QuickBooks® remains the leading accounting software program for small and medium-sized businesses. If you decide to use QuickBooks for your bookkeeping needs, you may have questions about implementation and using it to run your operations. Here are answers to some basic frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you get […]

Before your nonprofit celebrates that new grant…

Most not-for-profits can’t afford to turn down offers of financial support. At the same time, you shouldn’t blindly accept government or foundation grants simply because they’re offered. Some grants may come with excessive administrative burdens, cost inefficiencies, and lost opportunities. Here’s how to evaluate them. Administrative and other burdens Smaller or newer nonprofits are at particular […]