Client Corner – The Women’s Breast & Heart Initiative

Client Corner – The Women’s Breast & Heart Initiative

October 16, 2023
The Women’s Breast & Heart Initiative

Our featured client is The Women’s Breast & Heart Initiative (WBHI). Its mission is to change and save lives while providing at-risk women with the prevention and early detection necessary to beat breast cancer and heart disease.

The Women’s Breast & Heart Initiative (WBHI) is a nonprofit outreach organization piloting whole communities toward lifesaving, preventive self-care. With boots-on-the-ground education and screening initiatives, WBHI vigorously encourages and supports social responsibility, community organization and the good health of all. And it’s not just the individuals and families we serve that benefit from our work.

Through strategic partnerships with local colleges and universities, health care partners and professional entities, we’ve created an army of dedicated and compassionate volunteers who share what they’ve learned about breast and heart health not only with the at-risk communities we serve, but also with their own families, friends and social networks. It’s a ripple effect spreading ever outward as it brings lifesaving information and practices to far more people than we can ever realize. Our relationships with professors and student volunteers in particular are helping us to further our goals and provide real-time examples of how the power of the individual can enact social change.

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