Client Corner – The Women’s Breast & Heart Initiative

October 16, 2023

Our featured client is The Women’s Breast & Heart Initiative (WBHI). Its mission is to change and save lives while providing at-risk women with the prevention and early detection necessary to beat breast cancer and heart disease. The Women’s Breast & Heart Initiative (WBHI) is a nonprofit outreach organization piloting whole communities toward lifesaving, preventive […]

Build a better nonprofit board with term limits

October 5, 2023

Are your not-for-profit’s board members subject to term limits? If not, you might want to consider implementing what’s widely considered a best practice. Some board members lose enthusiasm for the job over time or might even become ineffective or disruptive. Negative attitudes at the board level can easily trickle down and harm your organization’s programs […]

Supplement your financial statements with timely flash reports

September 15, 2023

Timely financial information is critical to a successful business. In today’s dynamic marketplace, you may need to act fast to ward off potential threats and risks — and jump on new opportunities. But if you wait until your financial statements are released to react, you’ll likely miss out. Flash reports can provide real-time data that […]

Nonprofits: Ready, set, audit!

September 15, 2023

By scheduling annual financial statement audits, you can demonstrate your organization’s financial fitness to donors and other stakeholders. Plus, state governments and other grant makers may mandate them. But don’t assume that auditors will simply swoop in and take care of everything related to the process. You’ll need planning and preparation to make your audit effective, […]

Private foundations: “Disqualified persons” must color within the lines

September 15, 2023

Although conflict-of-interest policies are essential for all not-for-profits, private foundations must be particularly careful about adhering to them. In general, stricter rules apply to foundations. For example, you might assume that transactions with insiders are acceptable so long as they benefit your foundation. Not true. Although such transactions might be permissible for 501(3)(c) nonprofits, they […]

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